BC Couperus - Neighborhood

A number of steps have been taken to tackle the problems in the neighborhood.
This is the result of the ongoing Liveability Consultation.

The Liveability Consultation consists of, among others. the local police officer, Stadgenoot, residents' committee Couperus, the area broker of the municipality of Amsterdam, Enforcement, Eigenwijks, Stichting Woon! and a number of residents.
They meet regularly and discuss the state of affairs and make plans for how to deal with it.

They cannot do this alone. This also requires reports from residents. No reporting also means no actions!
You can send your reports to 14020. If your report is not resolved properly, the local police officer, Stadgenoot, residents' committee Couperus (we) would like to hear this. Please state the report number and date of the complaint.

  • And you can also participate in the liveability consultation
  • We stive to have a minimum of one resident per block participating in the consultation
  • Action moments will be scheduled on Tuesdays from September 1st. Boa's, area management, the work brigade go together in the neighborhood between 1:00 pm and 3:00 pm to check and pick up
  • Stadgenoot is going to accommodate students from VoorUit in the neighborhood. One student per block. These students will spend a few hours a week working for the neighborhood

Even in the Couperusbuurt improvements are possible.
Projects are currently underway to reduce these problems.

You can think of Handhaving, police, municipality, housing association, residents' committee and residents.

To show everything on one page.

The Couperusbuurt is the area enclosed by the Burgemeester Röellstraat - the Frans Bastiaansestraat - Burgemeester Van Tienhovengracht and the Burgemeester Van de Pollstraat.


Do you have something to share about the neighborhood? You can!

Send us your story, preferably with one or more photos. And if it is suitable for the website, we can post it.

You can sent it via our contactform, bring it or have it picked up.

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