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  • Principenota 2019 gemeente Amsterdam
    Principenota 2019 gemeente Amsterdam
  • Principenota 2019 gemeente Amsterdam
    Principenota 2019 gemeente Amsterdam

Neighborhood survey completed: 300 residents responded

The questionnaire about the draft renewal plan (the neighborhood survey) was distributed to more than 1,200 households in the Couperusbuurt at the end of March.
These are not only the tenants of the 700 homes that will be demolished or renovated in the plan, but also the other residents in this area.

304 residents completed this questionnaire. With this number of participants, the results are statistically representative.
It's good that so many responses have been received. Stadgenoot and the municipality are now discussing the results, with each other and with the residents' committee.

In July you will receive another newsletter at your home with a summary of the results.

The entire report will become available at:

Gemeente Amsterdam

In the past month, residents have been able to let Stadgenoot know what they think of the plans for the Couperusbuurt via the neighborhood survey. Stadgenoot has informed us that this survey started later than planned. And could be completed until the end of April. This means that the results of the survey will also be known somewhat later than originally thought. The results will be presented to the residents' committee at the end of May. Based on the results, the residents' committee will advise Stadgenoot on the plans.


There is a walk-in information meeting for residents of the Willem Paaphof and Nico van Suchtelenhof area.
A flat in the direct view is planned and an explanation is given.

Just cut and paste of the invitation.

Stadgenoot sent the residents the draft Social Plan. This sets out the rights and obligations of Stadgenoot and the residents in the event of renovation and/or demolition of their home.

Although Stadgenoot and the residents' committee have thought hard about this, this is a concept. You, as a resident, will probably have your own opinion about this. And that is a good thing!
This concept plan is explained during the meetings. And your opinion on this is appreciated.

And what will happen next?

The !Woon Foundation will ask every resident what they think of the concept of the social plan and conduct a housing needs survey.
The residents' committee will have to draw up an advice from the answers to this research and present it to Stadgenoot.

Stadgenoot will work with this advice and will include it in their planning.
As soon as their plans are announced, the participation of the residents really starts. They can contribute their opinion, think along, participate, oppose before the plans really become final.
The possibilities and impossibilities are also partly in "Handbook Renewal and Improvement - Amsterdam Framework Agreements 2020". You can download this in the menuitem Files -> General.

After this, the plans will be finalized and the implementation will start.

Explainatory video Stadgenoot. (Dutch)
Recorded webinar 27-oct-2021. (Dutch)

Many from the Couperusbuurt would not have known that plans were made for the re-profiling of the Burgemeester Röellstraat.
And just as many would think that this has nothing to do with the neighborhood renewal plans. Nothing is less true!

The plans are directly related to the plans for the Couperusbuurt neighborhood renewal. It is also explicitly referred to in the note.
And yet only a very small part of the residents is invited to make use of their participation options.

The residents' committee will also go through the documents to form an idea. And you as a resident are advised to read the bill to form your own image. And perhaps contribute your say.

Both the invitation to participate and the draft memorandum can be found in the files menu under Neighborhood renewal.

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