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The residents' committee was restarted when Stadgenoot indicated that it wanted to make plans for neighborhood renewal.
Earlier, the committee was "retired".

By restarting the residents' committee, it can be ensured that the tenants of Stadgenoot can take maximum advantage of their rights.
A residents' committee does not simply make agreements about the renovation plans.

Our task is legally established. We take this very seriously and express ALL opinions equally strong.

The residents' committee currently consists of 6 members.

  • Andries van Vonno (chairman)
  • Marjolein Wijtboer
  • Carla Verdugo van Doorn
  • Sandra Dreeijers
  • Ronald Weijers-van Dalen (also webmaster)
  • Ron Delsman

If you are interested in being part of the residents' committee, please register.
We are still looking for residents with a Youth Contract or a Five-Year Contract.

You must be available for a longer period. And are willing to attend the meetings.
And of course you are willing to commit to ALL residents. Also for those who don't share your opinion.

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