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  • Principenota 2019 gemeente Amsterdam
    Principenota 2019 gemeente Amsterdam
  • Principenota 2019 gemeente Amsterdam
    Principenota 2019 gemeente Amsterdam

On April 9, 2024, everyone could speak at the district meeting.
An "assessment meeting" was held here about the draft Couperusbuurt investment memorandum of the municipality and Stadgenoot.

Unfortunately, no residents registered.
Only the residents' committee was present to speak.

Below is the video of the consultation and the first response.
It is important to know that during the break we had a stack of papers handed over to everyone, and that it is not just Mrs. Doevendans who makes the decision.

As far as we are concerned, all residents are entitled to more than is offered.
We advise everyone to make their views known during the consultation period UNTIL MAY 1, 2024.

The residents' committee holds a number of drop-in moments where we can immediately put your opinion on paper and process it.

Stadsdeelcommissie bespreekt concept investeringsnota

De concept investeringsnota Couperusbuurt op 9 en 23 april worden besproken in de stadsdeelcommissie Nieuw-West.

Dit gebeurt in 2 sessies:

9 april: Oordeelsvormend
23 april: Wordt het advies geformuleerd

Uiteindelijk stelt het Dagelijks Bestuur op basis van het advies van de stadsdeelcommisssie het definitieve advies op en stuurt dat naar B&W.
Het advies van het stadsdeel wordt betrokken bij de besluitvorming in de gemeenteraad.

Iedereen die dit wil kan inspreken tijdens deze vergaderingen.

The responsible councilors have made a decision on the draft investment memorandum for the Couperusbuurt.

They agreed.

This means that residents are officially given the opportunity to respond.
The consultation/objection period on the renewal plans is ongoing. From March 20 to May 1, you have the opportunity to let us know in writing (with your name and address) what you think of the renewal plans.

Stadgenoot will hold an information meeting about this on March 26.

Neighborhood survey completed: 300 residents responded

The questionnaire about the draft renewal plan (the neighborhood survey) was distributed to more than 1,200 households in the Couperusbuurt at the end of March.
These are not only the tenants of the 700 homes that will be demolished or renovated in the plan, but also the other residents in this area.

304 residents completed this questionnaire. With this number of participants, the results are statistically representative.
It's good that so many responses have been received. Stadgenoot and the municipality are now discussing the results, with each other and with the residents' committee.

In July you will receive another newsletter at your home with a summary of the results.

The entire report will become available at:

Gemeente Amsterdam

In the past month, residents have been able to let Stadgenoot know what they think of the plans for the Couperusbuurt via the neighborhood survey. Stadgenoot has informed us that this survey started later than planned. And could be completed until the end of April. This means that the results of the survey will also be known somewhat later than originally thought. The results will be presented to the residents' committee at the end of May. Based on the results, the residents' committee will advise Stadgenoot on the plans.

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