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There are some discussions about the acceptable use of the inner gardens. These are the lawns between the residential blocks.
Is this public green? Can dogs come? Who is the owner? Can a dog run loose or even poop there? Do playsets need to be cleaned up in the evening?

The answers are very simple.

The Hogeschool van Amsterdam has conducted an investigation in consultation with the Nieuw-West area manager and the urban development neighborhood team. In construction, this research would be about the neighborhood carriers (those are places and public spaces and facilities that determine whether residents feel at home) of the Couperusbuurt. The result became more of an written opinion about the possible development of the Couperusbuurt. You will also find the Municipal and Housing association vision. Such as the definitive designation of demolition zones and new building locations. This file is written in Dutch.

This file is available for download as a PDF under the menu Files -> General -> Buurtdragers in de Couperusbuurt 2021.pdf

This article is originally published on the website of Huurgenoot. We think you should read it.

Questions are asked at Huurgenoot and !WOON about people who have seen that lead plumbing is still in use in their homes.

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