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This is our Privacy policy

This website is using functional cookies and statistical cookies.
The statistical cookies and log files are used according to the GDPR rules.
We use Matomo for the statistics. A privacy friendly package that does not share data with third parties.

These cookies are only used for:

  • testing how often and for how long the website is visited
  • checking which pages are very important or less important
  • checking and responding to hackers
  • checking and responding to website and server errors
  • Log files are automatically deleted after 90 days.
  • Traceability of your visit is limited by not storing the last two parts (octets) of your IP address.

Messages via our contact form are provided with your full IP address and all (personal) data entered by you.
These can be made available throughout the residents' committee.

Personal data (name/address/IP/e-mail address etc.) will not be provided to other parties (third parties) without your permission. Unless required by law. Whether it is necessary to report criminal offenses.
You have the right to delete and inspect your data. However, we may no longer be able to reproduce this data as it has already been deleted or aggregation of data has already taken place.

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