BC Couperus - Acceptable use inner gardens
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There are some discussions about the acceptable use of the inner gardens. These are the lawns between the residential blocks.
Is this public green? Can dogs come? Who is the owner? Can a dog run loose or even poop there? Do playsets need to be cleaned up in the evening?

The answers are very simple.

  • Often the owner is Stadgenoot
  • The maintenance of this publicly accessible green space is paid from the net rental income of Stadgenoot; local residents do not pay any service charges for this
  • Yes, dogs are allowed
  • No, a dog is not allowed to run loose there. This applies throughout Amsterdam. Free run areas are designated separately and indicated with signs and posts
  • It is not an dog walking area for dogs. There is a duty to clean up poop throughout Amsterdam. So if the dog does poop there, it must be removed! And that also applies to small dogs with small turds
  • Stadgenoot finds that these fields are for use by all residents. So children, adults, with or without a dog are welcome. The fields must therefore be left clean and empty after use. At least at the end of each day

A "no pooping for dogs" sign had been placed in one of the courtyards. Unfortunately, this caused unintentional friction between residents with and without a dog. This sign could also be (incorrectly) interpreted as "prohibited for dogs".

In the meantime, the sign has been "displaced" on April 28 at 11:40 PM. This is not the way to go and Stadgenoot hopes that the current "owner" (f/m) will silently put this sign back on the field.

If everyone adheres to the above agreements, life becomes a bit more pleasant for everyone.

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