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The Couperusbuurt has been uncertain for years about the announced neighborhood renewal.

What is the current state of affairs? And what do we know as a residents' committee at the moment.

Below we have collected questions and we give the answers as known to us.
Do you also have a question or do you believe that our answer is incorrect?
Please let us know via the contact form.


When will the plans start?
Published: 12-11-2020 01:00

That is not certain yet.

Stadgenoot indicates that it wants to start with the first sub-project in 2023.

The actual start will only take place once the residents have agreed to the social plan, the plans have been presented, the housing needs assessment has been carried out, the public participation has been completed and the plans have been approved (and any legal proceedings have been conducted).
The Municipality of Amsterdam has always indicated that resident participation, which is different from signing at the cross, is very important in the renewal plans.

We therefore ask you as a resident to be actively involved in the plans.
Let us know your wishes, concerns and opinions!

Only together with the residents is the residents' committee strong, reliable and balanced.

It is 2020 What's next? Are plans made?
Published: 05-03-2020 02:00

And now? Among other things, the residents' committee talks to Stadgenoot.
The current stage is very early. And NO agreements have been made about new construction and/or renovation.

Stadgenoot intends to make a so-called starting decision.
This roughly means: "Stadgenoot officially announces that it will start preparing plans for neighborhood renewal".

Because Stadgenoot and the residents' committee do not consider it appropriate that such a starting decision should be announced to the residents via a newspaper, a flyer has been sent on the 7th of July 2020 about this.

The first step that must be taken in any case is to draw up a Social Plan.
This is ongoing in consultation with the residents' committee. After its elaboration, this will be presented to the residents.
Only after this step can planning be discussed.

This does not happen in the "back rooms". We keep everyone informed and will return to the residents several times.
You will also find as much information as possible on this website.

22-09-2020 The Social plan gets its "final" form which can be presented to the residents.
Following your feedback, the residents' committee will return to Stadgenoot to jointly negotiate a final version.

In case of renovation. Can I stay in my home?
Published: 05-04-2020 02:00

That chance is very small.

It is expected that a renovation will be very radical.
This will make it very unlikely that you will be able to stay in your home during a renovation.

As far as we are informed, all current contracts will be terminated.

Income limit for social rental properties
Published: 05-17-2020 02:00

Exceptions maximum income limit € 39.055/€ 43.574.

Some groups of home seekers can also respond to social rental properties at WoningNet with an income above € 39.055/€ 43.574:

  • Urban renewal agents (for (semi-) urban renewal agents from the municipality of Amsterdam, a maximum income limit of € 55.113 applies, price level 1 January 2020);
  • Home seekers with an indication for a wheelchair-suitable home from the Housing Department of the municipality of Amsterdam;
  • Candidates with a GEB-indication or an indication for a sheltered home in Zaanstad.

Just as for other home seekers, it also applies to them that house seekers with a low income take precedence over the cheaper homes (net rent up to and including € 663,40).

Do you have an indication from the CIZ (Care Assessment Center) or other official proof showing that you need care for at least 10 hours per week for a minimum period of one year? Even then an exception may apply to you. In that case, please contact one of the housing associations for an explanation of how to search for a home via WoningNet. In addition, an exception is made for a few other groups, but they cannot search for themselves via WoningNet.

If you think you have an exceptional position, you can contact your municipality or your corporation.

Also look at this link.

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